WV Fountain Comes Back to Life

Parkersburg, WV Fountain Comes Back to Life!

Luke RobinsonCast iron, Fountain, Statue

The beautiful town of Parkersburg, WV has had a cast-iron fountain for over a century. At least, MOST of the fountain was cast iron for that long! As it turned out, some of the components from the original iron piece had been damaged years ago and were replaced with (gasp) plaster replicas! So, when the fountain was damaged yet again …

Jackson Memorial Fountain

Jackson Memorial Fountain Has Arrived in West Virginia!

Luke RobinsonCast iron, Fountain, Statue

From the Parkersburg News and Sentinel…….. PARKERSBURG — The Jackson Memorial Fountain is back in City Park. City Engineer Adam Stout estimated it will take about three weeks to have the new fountain installed after it was delivered — in pieces — Monday afternoon. Approximately 15,000 pounds of cast iron and accompanying pipes and hardware were unloaded by a City …

Robinson Iron Restores Fountain In Situ

Robinson Iron Restores Fountain In Situ Too!

Luke RobinsonCast iron, Fountain

When it comes to cast iron fountains, there is not a lot of maintenance. Iron is a very durable metal and Robinson Iron has restored castings from as many as 150 years ago! Iron fountains have been very popular ever since they were first sold because of their longevity and the calming sound the makes as it echoes through the …


Robinson Iron Welcomes Two New Team Members!

Luke RobinsonCast aluminum, Cast iron, Fountain, Statue

As the old saying goes, “There’s no place like home…”. For Paul Spickard and Darlene Lynn, that saying rings especially true as both of these talented individuals are back in Alexander City, AL working for Robinson Iron!   Paul Spickard  Paul spent years working for Robinson’s sister company, Satterfield Machine, before matriculating to Selma, AL with a new opportunity. Then, …

Beloved Icon of Iron

Robinson Iron Mourns the Loss of a Beloved Icon of Iron

Luke RobinsonCast iron, Fountain

One of the great aspects of Robinson Iron is the family atmosphere- in both the literal and figurative sense. There have been three generations of Robinsons who have worked with the company and many other associates who have been with the business long enough to be considered relatives. No one person, though, was closer to the employees, management, family and iron …

Unique Fountain

Unique Fountain Adds to Hillsdale College’s Beauty!

Luke RobinsonCast aluminum, Cast iron, Fountain

In late 2018, Robinson Iron was approached to create a custom cast aluminum fountain for the prestigious Hillsdale College in Michigan. With a historic photo of a past fountain as a basis of design, Robinson Iron was able to work with the architect to cast and fabricate a piece to recapture the past look. There were a few changes, however. …

Studebaker Fountain: A Gift of Water and Light

Studebaker Fountain: A Gift of Water and Light

Luke RobinsonCast iron, Fountain, Statue

Restoring a cast iron fountain can be a monumental task. It takes more than just the restoration of the material itself.   The process involves historical research, community awareness, fund raising, coordination among general contractors, pool builders and pump suppliers. There are many T’s to cross and just as many I’s to dot. That’s why when an installation such as …

Caesar with 12'6 Basin

“We love it! It completely changed the way campus feels and it looks like it has been there forever.”

Luke RobinsonCast iron, Fountain

The quote in the title above comes from a client at Louisburg College in North Carolina. Robinson Iron provided a Caesar Fountain with 12’6″ Basin for the college and the results were fantastic!   This fountain combination has been used multiple times over the years and has become increasingly more popular because it allows for one-stop shopping! The Caesar is …

The Studebaker Electric Fountain

The Studebaker Electric Fountain Rises Again in South Bend!

Luke RobinsonCast iron, Fountain, Statue

Robinson Iron was thrilled to work with so many tireless volunteers, other great companies and the wonderful community of South Bend, IN to help bring the Studebaker Electric Fountain back to its rightful home!   Check out a snippet from the South Bend Tribune regarding the fountain and see the rest of the article below. Thanks for stopping by! SOUTH BEND …

Ginn Residence Fountain

Beautiful Fountains Come in All Sizes

Luke RobinsonCast iron, Fountain

Many of the posts in this blog are about large, historic, community-significant fountains. But one of the greatest satisfactions of Robinson Iron’s is when a happy customer sends a picture of one of our standard, smaller pieces they have featured at their home. It is a wonderful reminder of how special ALL of these fountains can be!   Below is …