Studebaker Fountain: A Gift of Water and Light

Studebaker Fountain: A Gift of Water and Light

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Restoring a cast iron fountain can be a monumental task. It takes more than just the restoration of the material itself.


The process involves historical research, community awareness, fund raising, coordination among general contractors, pool builders and pump suppliers. There are many T’s to cross and just as many I’s to dot. That’s why when an installation such as the one for the Studebaker Electric Fountain in South Bend, IN goes so smoothely, you KNOW there is a caring, dedicated group of people behind the efforts.


Vicki McIntire, chair of the Studebaker Fountain Restoration Committee, spearheaded a movement to make sure the Studebaker Fountain returned to its rightful place in Leeper Park. That committee’s tireless efforts certainly paid off as you will see in the video link below.


Please take some time from your day and watch the video. It is an hour long, but worth every single minute. Thanks for stopping by the Robinson Iron website!


The Studebaker Fountain Story