Restoration of historical art and architecture involves all the processes featured on this website. Existing conditions must be noted and addressed through removals of later additions or custom casting of replicas. Achieving a “new” appearance is not necessarily the goal, rather bringing a structure back to a previous period when it was appreciated and a vital part of the environment. Robinson Iron is an established, highly qualified firm specializing in the restoration and preservation of historical cast iron, aluminum and bronze.
101 Spring Street
Jefferson at Penn Square
Bartholdi Fountain
Baltimore Basilica
Completed Restoration Projects

Completed Fountain Restorations

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  1. I am interested in receiving a quote for some restoration work on a Fiske urn.
    It is very ornate with appliqués. I think it is actually a jardonierre. Greenish grey with rust.

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  2. I am interested in having cracks repaired in an 1866 cast iron parlor wood stove, so that I can use it for occasional small fires. Do you do this kind of restoration?

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