Custom Casting

Custom Casting
A pattern or model is required to make the sand molds Robinson Iron uses for casting. Robinson patternmakers are apprenticed just as they were in the nineteenth century to masters who teach them their craft. A variety of materials are used to sculpt in clay or wood and often a CNC Multi-Axis Router operating on a computer program is used to generate a three dimensional composite pattern. Shrinkage of the cooling metal must be accounted for and every detail must be drafted properly for the component to be cast properly. Robinson patternmakers are knowledgeable about current foundry operations and technical requirements.

<< Prospect Park Plaza
<< Carroll Square
<< State Street Subway
<< CACC Pavillion
<< Jefferson Hotel Canopy

<< Completed Restoration Projects
<< Completed Fountain Restorations

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  1. Hi there!

    I’m a glass artist in Brooklyn, NY and recently I’ve had a lot of success casting glass directly onto iron sheets or plates. I’d like to expand my texture library by commissioning a foundry to make some custom plates for me. These would measure 18″ in diameter and 5/16″ in thickness. I generate the texture from clay so I could send you a wax or hard plastic positive or a rubber negative for you guys to generate a wax out of. Please let me know what other information you need to generate a quote.

    Thanks so much!

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