Much of our material heritage has been lost over time – entire structures or as is often the case individual components. Working from documentary photographs or utilizing existing historic castings, Robinson artisans are skilled at replication. Digital Laser scanning eliminates costly on site removals while faithfully capturing original details. Our engineering staff provides sound structural designs in keeping with the best in value engineering. In addition traditional time honored foundry techniques are employed to insure quality.

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  1. I am Lee Evans with KBL Restoration and am trying to find a cast iron foundry that can replicate historic metal seat standards for a courthouse we are restoring in Texas. Please call me at 254-485-6793.
    Thank you

    1. Post

      hi Lee— we have worked on several courthouse seats in Texas before and would love to help! I just left you a message

      Thanks! Luke Robinson

  2. We are restoring an historical Hotel located in Texas and need to replace and/or restore a few cornice brackets and fa├žade columns. I can be reached @ 832.677.1175

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