The Custom Milwaukee Street Signs Are Up!

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In a collaborative effort with Michael’s Signs in Racine, WI, Robinson Iron cast 15 custom signs for the city of Milwaukee using aluminum and iron. Robinson Iron was able to replicate an existing post (which was sent to our facility) by disassembling it and creating patterns. The sign post patterns were then sent to the foundry for casting, brought back …

Business Alabama Magazine Features Robinson Iron!

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“There were two paths looming in front of Ricky Robinson in 1973, when Robinson Iron was formed as a spinoff from Robinson Foundry, the company his father started in Alexander City shortly after World War II. In one direction there was the basic production of metal casings, repetitive foundry work that Robinson describes as “hot, dirty and labor intensive.”   …

The Eagle Fountain Has a New Home

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Russell Corporation has always been associated with Alexander City, AL. The company has also always used the eagle as its corporate symbol. In the 1970’s Robinson Iron made that symbol more tangible by creating a cast iron Eagle Fountain for Russell For around the last 15 years, the fountain sat dormant as Russell Corporation slowly moved its offices and textile plants … with a Great Story on “What’s Happening” at Robinson Iron

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Robinson Iron always appreciates the writers, photographers and editors who help us get the word out about our various projects. Luckily, there has been no shortage of stories lately! recently put together this gem detailing a little of the past, present and future when it comes to all things RIC!   Click HERE to read the article! There is …

Yes, We Can Even Restore Water Heaters

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Yes… Robinson Iron CAN restore that old cast iron water heater! It’ll be just like new! At least, it will LOOK that way! Our team has re-created and restored a lot of historic pieces, but never before had we attempted refinishing a water heater. However, the good people at Rheem asked us to give this antique they had a shot. …

New Water Jet Machine is in and Ready to Cut!

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Robinson Iron had it’s new Jet Edge Water Jet Machine installed recently and it is ready to cut any metal for YOU! At around 55,000 psi, this machine will slice its way through all types of materials and can achieve intricate detail with ease! Be sure to contact us at 800-824-2157 to see how  the Robinson team can help today! …

A Little More Info on the Berczy Park Fountain in Toronto

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Probably the most unique fountain on the planet! Robinson Iron happily provided this gigantic piece for the city of Toronto thanks to the brilliant mind of architect Claude Cormier!  Great article here from David Hains detailing a few of the fountain’s hidden meanings… It’s a fun read!