Thank You, Friends of Tattnall Square

Luke RobinsonUncategorized

When Andrew Silver contacted Robinson Iron about a fountain in Tattnal Square near Mercer University in Macon, GA, it seemed like the beginnings of one of our normal fountain jobs.


There had once been a fountain in the location, but it was now missing and the group Silver lead wanted to replicate it as best as possible (with budget in mind, certainly). That’s standard fare.


After some back and forth, Silver’s team, Mercer and Robinson Iron came to an agreement on the fountain’s look and the process started to bring a fountain back to Tattnall!


The design, the work, the castings, the finish, the installation… Those all tell neat stories and deserve their own blogs. However, I would rather take just a moment to thank the Friends of Tattnall Square for posting so many unbelievable pictures of the completed fountain on their facebook page! (If you are a facebooker, go check out their page and “like” it post-haste!)


So many times we complete a job and we may not get to see any of the folks who are so pleased with the work or who are enjoying the new landscape. The Friends of Tattnall Square page has done an AMAZING job of posting pics and stories that have certainly made us proud to have bene involved!


I will certainly post more later about this fountain, but for now I just wanted to express my appreciation and the appreciation of everyone at Robinson Iron!



Night Photo facing Mercer by Michael WilliamsTattnall Square Fountain