Robinson Iron and Kelly Gale Amen

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“For me, the excitement comes from working with surprising and playful hues that represent an unusual juxtaposition. If you stick with the laws of nature -light, the colors of the earth – rather than someone else’s rules, you can never go wrong.” – Kelly Gale Amen


Kelly Gale Amen is a world-renown designer based in the Houston area famous for his unique vision. Amen is committed to producing crisp, precise pieces with a timeless personality.

Robinson Iron has been a supplier of the famous KGA products for many, many years. ( The famous designer has come up with an array of  beautifully challenging -and challengingly beautiful- pieces for Robinson to create over the years.

The two have worked on  various aluminum, iron and bronze bench, chair and table designs featuring many a vast pallet of finishes.

Robinson Iron is proud to be a supplier for KGA concepts and will certainly look forward to manufacturing many more of his wonderful ideas.

Below is an incredible video detailing KGA and some of his work with Robinson Iron. Please take a moment to watch as you will no doubt be fascinated by KGA’s concepts and work.