Maverick Landing Features a Unique Florentine Fountain

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In the mid-2000’s, Robinson Iron supplied a unique Florentine Fountain for a development in Boston, MA called Maverick Landing. Fountains are typically successfully used as a focal point for various developments.

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This particular fountain was modified to 2 tiers instead of the usual 3.

2 Tiered Florentine at Maverick Landing.

2 Tiered Florentine at Maverick Landing.


Florentine (Spartanburg, SC) 2-2-05 (2)

This Florentine is in Spartanburg, SC- It is the more traditional, 3 tier style

Florentine (color pic 1)

The Florentine here is in Charleston, SC- also the more traditional version


Sometimes it is best to shorten- or heighten- a fountain to accommodate its pool area. The trick is to make sure the fountain still flows correctly without looking to “squatty” or stretched.


One of Robinson Iron’s strong suits is the ability to customize any of the items from its product line. Because RIC makes each piece when ordered (and not before), everything that leaves the Alexander City, AL facility has a personality all of its own!


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