Mankato Fountain Delivered to Site!

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Recreating or restoring a historic landmark like a cast iron fountain can be a lengthy ordeal. It is not uncommon for the process- from the moment it is decided to go ahead with the project to the moment it is fully completed- to be upwards of 2, 3 or even 10 years!

There are design decisions, funding matters and contracting co-ordinations to be handled. It usually take total dedication from a few key community members to make a restored fountain happen.

Mankato, Minnesota happens to have a few folks like that.

One Mr. Charles Thomas of Mankato contacted Robinson Iron back in 2011 regarding a fountain and statue that once resided in his Lincoln Park neighborhood. Mr. Thomas had a few pictures and other data (like know the piece was made originally by the JL Mott Foundry of New York in 1893), but very little else.

Historic photo provided by Mr. Thomas

Historic photo provided by Mr. Thomas

Luckily, Mr. Thomas called the right place. Robinson Iron has a vast collection of former JL Mott (and other historic foundries’) patterns and could re-create the Mankato fountain to a “T”.


Robinson Iron had the ability the recreate the Mankato Fountain perfectly

Floral detail

Floral detail for the side of the bowl

A custom stand was fabricated for the Union Soldier statue

A custom stand was fabricated for the Union Soldier statue


After several months of designing and fund raising, the Mankato “Boy in Blue” fountain was built and stored at Robinson Iron until just a few weeks ago when it was successfully delivered. All that it is waiting for now is for the statue of the Union Soldier (which was there originally) to be finished by another artist so the entire structure can be put in place.

Mankato Fountain arrives at its new home

Mankato Fountain arrives at its new home

Unloading the fountain

Unloading the fountain


The statue should be ready soon!

There was a news report regarding the Mankato here that gives more detail :

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  1. What a fabulous job you have done in recreating the boy in blue fountain in Mankato, MN. You have proved that artistry and pride in workmanship are not lost! I’m a Bestsy-Tracy society member and have been to Mankato and made a pilgrimage to Lincoln Park there. And at that time I so wished the fountain was still there. Next time I make the journey I will make a bee-line to the park to see your cprecreation. Thank you for a job well done.
    Juanita Taylor
    Richfield, OH

    1. Post

      What a great compliment! Thanks so much for sending this! Please keep up with us on here and on our Facebook page for more fountain jobs! Thanks again for the nice note!

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