Just Your Average Day at Robinson Iron….

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One of the greatest things about working at Robinson Iron is NOT knowing what you’ll be doing next!

As I walked through the shop this morning, it hit me that there are a multitude of various projects being worked on for various clients all over the US!

Fountains, cast iron grilles, horse troughs, torcheres, spiral staircases, statuary… you name it, we are working on it!

Take a look at the pictures below and be sure to contact us if we can help you!


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The beginning of a restoration of a cast iron torchere for a client in Washington, DC


Cast iron fountain for Allentown, PA (West Park Fountain). Robinson Iron actually restored this piece nearly 40 years ago as well!


Water jet bronze plate will be used to make a custom seat for famous designed Kelly Gale Amen in Houston


Another beautiful bench for Kelly Gale Amen, but this time using aluminum plate


A spiral staircase for a client in Auburn, AL


The soon-to-be-reinstalled restored Metuchen, NJ horse trough fountain. This piece is most likely over 100 years old!


Two of the famous HEBE statues that will travel to San Antonio, TX. This statue of “the cupbearer to the Gods” adorns other famous fountains such as the Memphis Court Square Fountain.


Restored cast iron grilles for Washington, DC