The Custom Milwaukee Street Signs Are Up!

Luke RobinsonCast iron, Sign Post

In a collaborative effort with Michael’s Signs in Racine, WI, Robinson Iron cast 15 custom signs for the city of Milwaukee using aluminum and iron.

Robinson Iron was able to replicate an existing post (which was sent to our facility) by disassembling it and creating patterns. The sign post patterns were then sent to the foundry for casting, brought back to Robinson Iron, cleaned and assembled before finally being primed and painted!

Existing base pieces were sent to RIC for pattern purposes


RIC was able to use original castings to create new ones!

Recently, the good people at Michael’s Signs were able to install the posts with the signs they manufactured  and they turned out great!

Finished product!

Closer image of the base

We always enjoy finding reputable, dependable companies to work with and here is hoping we get to have many more projects with Michael’s Signs!

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