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The Grand Island, Nebraska Fountain Has Been Delivered!

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In 2014, Luke Robinson of Robinson Iron noticed that the community of Grand Island, NE once had a beautiful cast iron fountain near its town’s center via an internet search. The fountain- like many of its type- had been lost or removed many years ago.


So Luke contacted  the people of Grand Island to explore re-cereating this historic piece. As luck would have, Robinson Iron was already working on a different fountain project in Crete, NE! Therefore, the Grand Island folks were able to check out a first-hand account of the company’s quality.


After several years of drawings and fund raining, Grand Island finally has its fountain back! The one-of-a-kind fountain was delivered this week and it now resides at the Stuhr Museum in Grand Island until the pool is ready to house it.


be sure to check out the articles below to learn more about this fantastic job!


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Nebraska TV spot on Grand Island Fountain


News paper article on fountain


Fountain loaded on RIC truck headed for delivery

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  1. Luke Robinson……I do not know what prompted you to send this message, but it is a coincidence anyway…..1st – I am an architect in Lexington Massachusetts and I know the powers in town have been discussing the restoration of Capt Parker. 2nd – your name is Robinson and in the northwest corner of Nebraska there is a Ft Robinson where the Sioux Nation surrended in 1876 3rd – my great grandfather was Genl Luther Bradley and he was the commander of Ft Robinson & 4th – that’s a very beautiful restoration you did……..

    you can read about genl Bradley as I just finished a biography of him – @ amazon

    thanks Robert D. Bradley

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  2. It makes me very proud to see the work that Robinson Iron is doing on a national/international level. Growing up in Goodwater in the 1950’s, I knew of rhe Robinson foundry and my mother, Elizabeth deGraffenried, was a friend of Luke’s grandmother, Sara Robinson. It has been such a pleasure to see this company develop and expand over the years. I love reading about the current projects, such as this one!

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