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At Robinson Iron, we have a vast collection of various pattern styles. From fountains to finials and bowls to benches, if it can be cast we have probably made it.


You have seen a lot of our more popular catalog pieces on this very site. But did you know we can these pieces in other metals upon request?


Don’t let the “Iron” in our name fool you; our patterns are used to create bronze and aluminum pieces all of the time. Last season, we were asked by Hydromdramatics of St. Louis ( to cast our popular 7′ Botanical Gardens Fountain in cast bronze.


Bronze is a fantastic choice for a fountain because it requires practically no maintenance. It is a beautiful metal that will naturally patina into an array of colors over time. Patinas can also be chosen in advance if desired, essentially beating Mother Nature to the punch!


The catch with bronze is that it is more expensive than iron or aluminum and is therefore used less often. However, when it is used, cast bronze pieces are certainly eye-catching.


In this case, the customer wisely chose to use a green patina on the casting. The finish turned out even better than we had all hoped!



(Custom bronze bowl crated for shipping)


One other interesting aspect to this particular piece was the use of both water and fire. The fountain was equipped with a gas line as well as water feed allowing for a flame to hover above the water’s surface. A unique addition to a beautiful fountain!


Fire and Water Botanical

(Final product installed)


Thanks to everyone at Hydrodramatics and others involved for such a great job!




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