Robinson Iron Restores Residential Fountains, Too!

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There are several pictures on the Robinson Iron website of large, municipal fountains we have restored. But did you know RIC can restore smaller fountains (or anything cast metal), too?

The pictures below guide you through the restoration of a Roman Fluted Magnus with Basin. The fountain had been the victim of harsh chemicals and overall neglect.

The new homeowner who inherited the fountain with the house called Robinson Iron to refurbish the pieces.

How did it turn out? See for yourself! Thanks for visiting!



The fountain before restoration


The pieces were thoroughly sandblasted at our shop


The deterioration had gotten so bad that the fountain was beginning to fall apart


Once cleaned, welds were checked and covered with an epoxy


The entire fountain was coated with a zinc primer


The basin before the antique finish was applied


Ta-da! The fountain is back and operational in all its glory!

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