Heritage Park Fountain Gets a Makeover

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“You know you have been in business a long time when you begin to restore you own work.”—- Robinson Iron Vice President Scotty Howell


Back in the late 1980’s, a Robinson Iron Florentine style fountain with basin was donated by the Musgrove family to the city of Prattville, AL. That makes sense considering Prattville’s other moniker, “The Fountain City.”


For years the fountain ran inside lovely Heritage Park. However, time and neglect took its toll on the cast iron water feature.


The fountain was certainly operational, but it needed a makeover. With Prattville’s 175th birthday on the horizon,  the city thought it would be a fantastic time to restore the Musgrove Fountain. Who better to handle this job than its original manufacturer who resides just a short drive away? Robinson Iron was contacted and process to restore the fountain to its former glory was begun.


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The Musgrove Fountain (a Florentine Fountain with 12’6″ Basin) was in need of a restoration


The pieces were picked up by a Robinson crew using the company trucks and crane. Then, the fountain and basin were carefully disassembled and sandblasted to bare metal. This allows RIC to investigate further damage and to ensure the new coatings can be applied thoroughly.


Restoration 2014 (20) Restoration 2014 (18) Restoration 2014 (17)


The fountain and basin were cleaned and then given a hand-applied zinc primer coating for protection


The fountain was zinc primed and then given another coat of epoxy primer for further protection. Meanwhile, adjustments were made to make sure the piece would flow evenly and to provide for the new lighting the city requested. Robinson Iron also provided a new submersible pump system which is housed in the base of the fountain.


Finally, the pieces were painted and antiqued and reinstalled in the park just in time for the 175th celebration! (see more here: http://www.wsfa.com/story/26516347/prattville-to-host-friday-night-concert-to-celebrate-175th-anniversary)

Installation Sept. 2014 (3)


Robinson Iron would like to thank everyone from the city of Prattville who was involved and any other citizens who contacted us during the process. We are thrilled to have been a part of adding beauty to Heritage Park (again)!


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