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nstant living is something we associate with today's values, but it may interest you to know the Victorians were just as insistent on immediate gratification. The smaller residential fountains in Robinson Iron's collection were meant to be purchased as complete prefabricated packages. With their flat bottomed cast iron pools and multi-tiered fountains these features were most often purchased from catalogs. Upon arrival the pools were simply plopped down on a bed of gravel in the lawn and the fountain placed inside. The plumbing was hooked-up to an artesian well or windmill driven pump system and there you had it! What could be easier?

Of course these residential fountains represented more than just an easy water feature. Most often their inspiration was derived from world famous Art statuary of the day. If you couldn't afford to "tour the continent" with its storied museums and Art galleries you could show everyone in your city or town that you were every bit as cultured as those who did. It was status with a great big "S".

These three tier residential fountains ranged in height from three to eight feet with typical bowl diameters of 48", 36", 24", or 15". Their accompanying ground basins started at four feet in diameter and went all the way up to nine feet in diameter. A good rule of thumb used then and one still used today is"... the diameter of a pool should be equal to or greater than the height of the fountain". Placing too tall a feature into too small a pool inevitably leads to splash or "wind drift" problems.

Most recently our definition of residential scale fountains is being altered by new development with larger houses. Intermediate scale fountains of ten to fifteen feet in height are no longer considered estate pieces. Robinson can cast small, intermediate and large-scale fountains to your specifications. Whether you require a historic reproduction or custom casting a fountain from Robinson Iron still represents instant gratification. Call us to discuss just how easy it is to design, own and install a Robinson fountain.
A typical spread showing residential fountains from the J.L. Mott catalog of 1873.
JL Mott catalog page
An astonishing variety of ornamental brass jets could be had.
JL Mott catalog page
JL Mott catalog page
Zinc reproductions of famous marble statues made culture affordable.
JL Mott catalog page
Larger pieces often had urns attached to the basins.
A quiet moment in the Garden with your Robinson fountain.