Spotlight on Purchasing

Every manufacturer has experienced a deadline that must be met. Schedules must be revised and materials ordered for delivery at just the right time. At Robinson Iron the “go-to guy” assisting each project manager is Dwayne Burton. As the Purchasing Manager for Robinson Iron, Dwayne encounters all sorts of challenges as he makes certain the specified number of castings, sizes of metal bar stock, fasteners and finishing materials are on-hand for the fabrication of each job.

Fortunately a military background prepared him for this position. Dwayne served 13 years in the United States Army achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant.       

Managing anxious fabricators and vendors is a snap for this experienced veteran. Often his quick wit and easy sense of humor converts a tense situation to smiles. If not, he has just the right amount of character required to obtain results. Dwayne’s disciplined approach assists him in organizing quotations, filing purchase orders/invoices, checking packing slips and sourcing unusual vendors. His extraordinary people skills enable him to establish good working relationships with these same vendors, all the while getting the most for the company’s money.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that he is a talented mechanic. His previous experience in operations maintenance at two other foundries prepared him for the specialized requests he often receives at Robinson Iron. His personal interest in motorcycles led him to completely rebuild a 1979 Harley Davidson Superglide FXE in his home garage. The bike had to be completely disassembled down to its component parts; repaired and refurbished; refinished and reassembled. All in all it took him 24 months and endless patience to complete the restoration. As a result he enjoys cruising some of the South’s most scenic highways. Dwayne Burton understands the importance of returning important objects to an original, useful state. This makes him an important part of Robinson’s restoration team.

Dwayne Burton