Winter 2011
Winter 2011 Newsletter
Volume 27

Greek Revival Classics!


Athens Banner Herald

Athens Banner Herald - A Temple for Publishing

Architect Allan Greenberg is renowned for his stylish reinterpretation of the Greek Revival. As he has stated, "The classical language of architecture is always modern because it is rooted in the physiology and psychology of the individual human being. In this context, to be modern means more than responding to some particular circumstances of the moment - that is simply being fashionable. To be truly modern means finding the dynamic balance between eternal human values and the specific demands of the present.

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Lafayette Balcony, The Owens-Thomas House Museum

One of America's best examples of historic Grecian inspired cast iron design is to be found in Savannah, Georgia at the Owens-Thomas House Museum. This circa 1818 stucco home features a "pre-fabbed" cast iron Balcony ordered from the pages of a catalog of the era. Then as now, it was not uncommon for persons of wealth to import luxury items from Europe.

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patternmaker art award

East Portico Addition to the Alabama State Capitol

Alabama's State Capitol Building in Montgomery Alabama was built in 1850 by supervising architect Barachias Holt. This is the building that served as the first capitol of the Confederacy. Holt modeled the decorative cast iron capitals of the six massive entrance columns on a design found in Minard Lafever's "Beauties of Modern Architecture" which had been published in 1835.

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Cast Iron Urn

McLennan County Courthouse

After 1870, cast iron designs generally became more robust and often reflected a more uniquely American perspective. The melting pot that America had become was influencing Art and Architecture. The restrained austerity of Greek Revival was gradually being combined with Beaux Arts components to give a more exuberant effect which better suited a rapidly expansionist country. This can be seen in the design of the McLennan County Courthouse in Waco, Texas.

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John B. Howell

We're proud to welcome our newest Project Manager, John Howell, to the firm. John is the son of Robinson's Vice President and General Manager, J. Scott Howell and Jane Benton Howell.

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