Summer 2011
Summer 2011 Newsletter
Volume 25

Robinson Iron - Telling Our Story


If you haven’t already visited our newly redeveloped website, you really should. Drawing files, photographs, qualifications and technical info are only a few of the many pieces of information available. New items refresh the traditional product mix while a well defined Site Map assists in locating old favorites. Interactive features make for a more entertaining experience. More importantly, we hope we connect with you in a real way that will assist you with the information you need. Here’s how we do it.

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We're really proud of the various projects we do both here at home and abroad. A great way to share info on these is Facebook. You can find posted links to related newspaper articles, video clips and client websites. These often feature our large scale fountain installations. You'll also catch a glimpse of behind-the-scenes activity at Robinson Iron with shots of work-in-progress. You can even let us know when you like some of the new products we introduce there. Be a friend and follow along with the link found at the bottom of this newsletter or on the Newsletter Page of our website. Note: To reach the Newsletter Page navigate to the far left of the website's Toolbar. Move your mouse over "About Us". Drop down and click on "Newsletter".

patternmaker art award

Symposium on the Restoration of Cast and Wrought Iron

In early May, 2010 I received a call from my old friend and colleague Richard Pieper of Jan Hird Pokorny Associates in New York. Richard and I worked closely together on the restoration of the New Jersey Statehouse Dome in the late 90's, and we have stayed in touch ever since that time. He asked me to serve on a planning committee for a Symposium on the Restoration of Cast and Wrought Iron to be held on the campus of Columbia University in March 2011, and I readily accepted.

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Cast Iron Urn

Espousing Expos

Technology is a wonderful thing, is it not? Websites, cell phones and email addresses are some of the advances in communications that have allowed businesses to connect with clients without ever leaving their comfy offices. Directing meetings or conducting sales through these mediums can be an efficient money saving tactic, no doubt.

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Robinson Iron's Story

Early in the 1950"s Mr. Joe Robinson was encouraged by his wife, Sara Holmes Robinson, to acquire the ornamental pattern collection of the antebellum Janney Iron Works of Montgomery. At first they began making pieces for friends but as interest in the items grew they realized they could market a more complete line through catalog sales. Around 1974 their sons, Joseph H. Robinson, Sr. and Richard H. Robinson, began the firm known as Robinson Iron specializing in Architectural Metalwork –

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