Summer 2009
Volume 17
Inside this issue:
• Sand Cast Alloys - Bronze, Aluminum, and Iron
• Machining Techniques
• Welding Certifications, Symbols and Methods
• Finishes - Paint, Powder and Chenical Oxidation
• K.G.A. Benches - University of Texax at Austin

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Sand Cast Alloys - Bronze, Aluminum, and Iron

Robinson Iron casts in molds made from sand. With this time tested technique numerous castings may be made utilizing a single original or pattern. The resulting castings have a sand texture on their surface imparted by the molding process. Our molding sand has a minimum AFS 70 grain fineness on a 3 screen distribution. This means that the grains of sand are uniformly sized as they fall through three separate screens of the same fine mesh.

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Machining Techniques

Fabrication techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated as technology increases the available options. Traditional hand tools have been ergonomically redesigned to provide superior tooling while reducing fatigue. New types of hand held saws cut metal plate like plywood and digitally controlled lathes and milling machines produce dimensionally exacting components.

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Welding Certifications, Symbols and Methods

Welders are tested by independent labs to insure their work meets The American Welding Society’s standards for form, strength and penetration. The certification documents are kept on file and are submitted to clients as proof of quality craftsmanship. Welding symbols are placed on drawings by designers/engineers to signal to a welder the type of weldment required at a specific point or series of points in an assembly. These symbols tell a welder whether the weldment is to be made in the shop or in the field; whether it is to be staggered and intermediate; or if it is to be continuous all around. These symbols are found on the working drawings and most often take the form of a heavy black arrow with attached triangles or arcs.

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Finishes - Paint, Powder and Chemical Oxidation

Architectural metals require the most durable coatings manufactured by man. In today’s market this can encompass liquid sealants, heat fused powders, and/or chemical oxidizers. At times even a combination of these may be contained within one finished assembly. One thing is certain- all castings must be cleaned to bare metal prior to the application of any coating.

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Robinson Site Amenities Complete the Project

Site amenities are those “useful comfort items” that improve the safety, utility and enjoyment of a space. Robinson Iron’s new catalog devotes an entire section to site amenities: • Bollards • Lamp Standards • Planters • Benches • Trash Receptacles • Drinking Fountains

It doesn’t hurt that all of these items are just as decorative as they are durable. Ornamental cast iron has a proven track record as the material of choice for such items. Finished with high performance coatings they are more popular than ever.

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