Fall 2013
Fall 2013 Newsletter
Volume 31

Earthquakes, Restoration and history

Colorado Statehouse Dome Exterior Restoration

The cast iron cladding that comprises the outer shell of the Colorado Statehouse in Denver, Colorado consists of hundreds of individual castings. Think of it as a monumental jigsaw puzzle that bolts together. In order to remove and restore these pieces, each component had to be carefully tracked throughout the restoration process. This began with Quinn Evans, Architects who assigned a numbering system and identified each component. Robinson Iron utilized this same system to tag and track materials throughout the restoration process.

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Union County Drinking Fountains

In 1900 two cast iron drinking fountains were installed on the grounds of the Union County Courthouse in Monroe, North Carolina to provide the public with sanitary drinking water. Prior to that time four artesian wells were the only source of potable water with runoff from the heavily trafficked streets creating a persistent health hazard. They were purchased from the J.L. Mott Company of New York City and cost around $80.00 per unit which, when adjusted for inflation, would amount to a combined cost of $4,414.00 in today's dollars.

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patternmaker art award

Robinson's Story

On January 1, 1946 the Robinson Foundry and Builders Supply Company came into operation with eleven employees including the president and owner, Joseph H. Robinson. The Robinson's were well established, respected American businessmen and Mr. Robinson located the foundry on a site previously occupied by a family owned gristmill in Alexander City, Alabama. The primary products were soil pipe and ornamental castings. Mr. Robinson had been encouraged by his wife Sara Holmes Robinson to acquire an ornamental pattern collection from the . . ."

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Cast Iron Urn

The Sherman Building

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake was measured in Washington, D.C. on August 23, 2011. Its epicenter was located not far away in Mineral, VA. Significant damage was sustained by many of our nation's best loved monuments and the Sherman Building was no exception. Built from 1852 to 1857 of Vermont marble it is located on the campus of the Armed Forces Retirement Home and has landmark status. The building's design was conceived as a Romanesque Revival Castle with crenellations and turrets.

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U. S. Botanic Garden Custom Aluminum Urn

A haven of greenspace within the Metro Washington, DC area, the United States Botanic Garden celebrates our nation's enduring interest in all things horticultural. The beautifully constructed glass conservatories and gardens showcase the bounty found by European settlers in the new world. They also provide plants to grace the public spaces and offices within the U.S. Capitol complex.

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