Fall 2009
Volume 18

Inside this issue:
• The Jefferson Hotel Porte Cochere
Fireman's Fountain
• Legacy at Millenium Park
Koi Pavilion
• Austin Robinson

Restoration, Replication, Custom Casting -The Preservation Issue

The Jefferson Hotel Porte Cochere

Every great hotel deserves a grand entrance and the newest incarnation of The Jefferson in Washington, DC will get just that with a custom cast Porte Cochere by Robinson Iron. Extending twenty feet from the façade of the building, the cantilevered structure consists of a barrel vaulted skylight with two side extensions and an enclosed vestibule. A sculpted bronze bas relief portrait of Thomas Jefferson looks down from the crest to greet each and every arrival. Four massive cast aluminum columns elevated on bases support the cantilevered assembly and a “wave and tulip” motif (a repeat from the limestone cornice of the building) runs around the canopy top.

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Fireman’s Fountain

In 1887 the citizens of Chattanooga, Tennessee wanted to honor firemen who had died in the line of duty. A monumental cast iron fountain was deemed a fitting tribute - one surmounted by a figure of a fireman holding a hose. It would be manufactured by the J.L. Mott Company of New York, NY (the premier source for such an item at the time) and stand in the courthouse square. A committee was formed and monies were raised to purchase the tribute.

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Legacy at Millenium Park

The Legacy at Millennium Park is a 72 story skyscraper in Chicago Illinois designed by Solomon Cordwell Buenz for Mesa Development and built by Walsh Construction. The main entrance of the 355 condominium units are integrated into the adjacent Sharp Building of the  Art Institute of Chicago on East Monroe Street and the project also preserves the historic frontages of the Chicago Landmark Jewelers Row District on Wabash Avenue (built 1872 to 1941).

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Koi Pavilion

It is a long way from the shady pools of Japan to the arid Southwest. Fortunately there are Koi who will never notice the distance. When these expensive and colorful relatives of the Carp are introduced to their new pool at a private estate in Southern California they will be under the comforting cover provided by a custom Robinson Iron pavilion.

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Austin Robinson

You may have noticed Austin Robinson listed as a project manager on many of the jobs covered in our newsletter. Austin is part of the third generation of Robinsons to operate Robinson Iron - his grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Robinson, Sr. started the foundry in 1946. His father, Richard H. Robinson is President of the company and his brother, Luke Robinson, is Sales Manager (Portfolio Spring 2009). As Robinson Iron’s Plant Manager Austin oversees every aspect of production from fabrication to onsite installation. This often requires him to be in several places at once - a trick he seems to handle with quiet confidence.

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